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Super Mega Worm

Controlling giant freaking worm of awesomness, what could be cooler? So thought the developers of this game when they made it. Apparently they succeeded in their mission to make quite nice entertainment for the minutes you are with your phone.

Super Mega Worm is stylized after 8-bit games on NES. You control huge worm, that can move under and over ground. As you might have thought, the idea here is to eat everything you can touch. If you dont do that - your life force slowly depletes and you are huge dead piece of worm meat. The standart ratiof for giant worms looks like usual - cows, workers, policemen. The latter seem to be tastier than others, and you get extra points for those.


You can control the worm by either onscreen buttons or the gyro. As usual buttons seem to be easier to get grip of. The direction you move is controlled by a slider and A button controls your speed underground or the green vomit you spit if you are over ground. After some levels you worm will get bigger and better, which prones to increase difficulty moving.
Anyway, all you have to do is eat! Don't forget that and you will be just fine.

Dynamic game by Deceased Pixel with stunning gameplay is coupled with awesome graphics, which won't let you regret that dollar. 
Super Mega Worm is one of the top games in the App Store and obviously you should not miss the big one!

Price: 0.99$
Design+Graphics - 5/5
Gameplay 4/5
Should I get it? Yes.

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