понедельник, 13 сентября 2010 г.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Today we are reviewing a game by Adult Swim - Robot Unicorn Attack. It may sound a bit idiotic, but the game itself is a little gem in the huge pile of apps in the App Store. In this time-survival game you control a robot unicorn in his run for your wishes, accompanied by the brilliant song of Erasure.

Your goal in this game is to get as much points as you possibly can, by jumping or dashing in the key moments. Simple yet addictive gameplay catches you pretty fast.
Amazing music by Erasure looks like the best possible companion for this game, the designers made a huge win with it. You can't stop giggling all the time you play it.

The controls are great - only two buttons, jump and dash, so you can't screw up much here.
Music is totally brilliant, as I said before, it fits the game perfectly. You get surrounded by that stuff and just think of playing it again and again.

Somehow this game reminds me of Doodle Jump - my old time favorite. Same fast gameplay, time-survival based, is catchy and lets you play just when you want and have a spare minute, not when you would open huge RPG or a shooter.

Graphics in the game is a bit lacking for iOS4, but nonetheless it's very clean, suitable and nice. If you are thinking about it, should you get it or not, you can try flash game, which is basically just the same. Here is the link for you.

Price: 2.99$ (currently on sale for 0.99)
Design+Graphics - 4.5/5
Gameplay 4/5
Should I get it? If you like time-survival casual games, sure do!

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  1. Adult swim made that surgeon game for iphone right? I used to have that and it was good but they never updated it. Lazy bummers

  2. it's a fun game. and i always, gonna follow you, and meke belive with you etc.

  3. Kewl story, bro! Supportin!


  4. I have actually heard a LOT of good things about this game. And speaking of adult swim, watching Robot Chicken.

  5. R.U.A. For the win!

    I love you with comments.
    New post smothered in hot, salty awesomeness.

  6. first i thought its a game for little kids, but then !