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Flight Control

One of the most known games for iphone, by Firemint. Yes, the same Firemint that has been hard at work on the impressive Real Racing iPhone game due later this year. The game involves simple gameplay, based around routing airplanes into the airport.

The game looks extremely simple, but nonetheless it's pickup gameplay and ramping up difficulty along with "let's try one more time" made up great game for the platform.

Flight Control features few maps, GameCenter support with achievements and highscores. 

On most maps you have two runways for different planes and a helipad. Helis and Airplanes appear from the corners of your screen and you should direct them where to land, and do so in a timely fashion, or else they collide and it's game over.
The hard part is that different aircrafts have different speeds, and when you have a dozen on screen things can get ugly very fast.

Controls are intuitive and make for a large part of appeal of the game.
Also have to mention that the graphics is very clean and suitable, designers did excellent job. It also supports Iphone 4 and retina display, as well as Ipad.

Music is totally adorable, feels a bit like fallout too!
Here is the gameplay how it works:

The game is very addicting and nice. Those games where everything is centered around gameplay are ones of my favourite and you should definately give it a try!

Price: 0.99$
Design+Graphics - 5/5
Gameplay 4/5
Should I get it? Yes!

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  1. I'm starting to hate your blog. You do a good job at reviewing and it's making me want to spend all my money on games. :D

  2. Interesting how games for those little machines really seem to be quite enjoyable. Maybe I should get an Iphone after all..

  3. I haven't played this yet, but I've played the harbor version