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iBomber 2

First  iBomber was in  The Best of the Year 2009 list by Apple.
Second part of the game was a total surprise, especially the fact that it came out completely unnoticed. Cobra mobile managed to make a solid sequel, despite the fact that sequels are usually crappy and unimaginative.  But this time the game totally rocks!

The hardships of life of military pilot get us from Pacific in first game to Europe and North Africa in second, where the struggle between Nazi and Allies take place. We are piloting legendary "Sterling" airplane, which was widely used by England in WWII.
I have to mention that second game is Universal - you can use it both on Iphone and on Ipad.

The game is split into twelve locations with different missions, combatants and weapons.
Second game inherited beautiful graphics, amazing music and gyro controls all like in first game.

But we get much more! Some of the points:
  • Anti Air guns, which quickly lead to Game Over phase of the game.
  • Submarines, that can launch deadly missiles on you.
  • Docks that can only be destroyed by one weapon.
  • Enemy planes
  • Forts that require multiply bombs to be destroyed
  • And so on...

But we are not made with finger either, we get alot of new weapons!

Usual bomb - as usual infinite.

Three bombs at once - as seen in first game, they are getting thrown at once making nice area damage.

Seeking bomb - will always hit the center when you launched it! Extremely useful!

Nuclear bomb - the epic weapon that totally annihilates everything!

Torpedoes - the new weapon, to help us with ships.

Depth bombs - useful against submarines!

– «Artillery help». New one! You mark the ground and in 5 seconds the spot around it gets totally annihilated.

– Escort. Two airplanes that fly around and help you.

When starting a mission you get strict order - kill them all, hold the bridge or let the escort pass for example.

The controls are good, but could be better. Somehow I don't like games with Gyro/accelerometer controls, and this one utilizes them fully.

When bombing Nazi one should not forget picking up health power ups and weapons. They always appear out of nowhere and quickly fade away.

Graphics in the game is totally amazing, you should get it just because of it, maybe lite version for starters.

Gameplay may be a bit repetitive, but if you liked the first game, you will surely like this!

Price: 0.99$ (currently on sale for 0.99)
Design+Graphics - 5/5
Gameplay 4/5
Should I get it? Yes!

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  1. One of my favorites on the iPhone, I love the graphics.

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  3. it looks like you have a good thing going here... keep up the great work on your blog!

  4. awesome time killer, as most ipod games. My gf has a million on her phone.