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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

Gameloft needed a year to produce a sequel to it's FPS Modern Combat. First game impressed us by its neat controls, although touchscreen and lack of mouse aren't your best friends in first person shooters. According to first screenshots of Black Pegasus it became apparent that the game is made on the same old engine, but Gameloft enriched it with even cooler graphics, new levels, new weapons and few tricks.

Let's find out if they succeeded.

First thing that you notice playing - greatly enhanced graphics. I wasn't able to test it on Iphone 4 (according to description game supports gyro and retina display), but on my 3GS objects look really better than in the first game. You face real people, not square-headed guys, as we could see in Gangstar: Miami Vindication. The game is really intense, and your fingers start searching for real AK-47 under your fingers.


Controls, like before, offers 3 different playstyles, you can find over 15 different weapons, and they are exact replicas of real weapons. All these items will be useful in multiplayer.
Interesting enough, game supports multiplayer both via Gameloft LIVE! or GameCenter, WiFi and Bluetooth.
After installing the game (and boy, did it weight much - over 400mb) I deleted all other shooters that I was playing before this game.
Main pluses of the game are - controls, simple and intuitive, awesome graphics and interesting gameplay. You won't find this type of thing in Archetype or Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front.

Price: 6.99$
Design+Graphics - 5/5
Gameplay 5/5
Should I get it? Yes if you like shooters. 

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